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Breaking down barriers and creating positive role models with ‘Founding Women’ launch

When you think about innovators and leaders who do you think about? Perhaps the founder of Facebook or Elon Musk. When you google ‘entrepreneur’ who comes up in your browser? I’ll tell you who does not come up: African women.

Playing field is not even

Women, particularly black women are invisible in the entrepreneurship landscape, especially in sectors like technology. Recent findings show that out of the $85 billion invested by venture capitals in 2017, only 2% went to women, and less than 1% to black female entrepreneurs.

Our mission at ATBN is to drive gender inclusion within the African digital ecosystem and support African entrepreneurs. That is why we are striving to highlight the stories of successful African female entrepreneurs and create visible role-models that the next generation of African women can relate to.

Founding Women

To fulfil our goal of inspiring women innovators, we have launched a book Founding Women. It is a collection of inspiring first-hand accounts of 20 African women who are defying the odds to build successful businesses in technology. Read their profiles.

We have interviewed inspirational founders such as Rebecca Enonchong, CEO of AppsTech who was named one of the top female tech Founders to watch in Africa by Forbes (Read her interview) and Hilda Moraa - Founder & CEO of Pezesha - as well as other established and upcoming founders working in energy, health, software and fintech.

This is what an entrepreneur from Uganda said about Founding Women: “This book is fantastic, I couldn't sleep until I had finished reading it all. I was thrilled, I was inspired. As a woman who is so passionate about entrepreneurship, I felt challenged and motivated at the same time.”, making us confident that the book is fulfilling its purpose of empowering female innovators.

Supporting Her Future Africa

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards ATBN’s training and mentorship programme for young female entrepreneurs in Africa #HerFutureAfrica. The programme is equipping young African women to build tech-enabled businesses that create change in their communities. So far, we have helped 32 women in Ghana to kick-start their businesses and are planning to use the revenue from the book to expand the programme into other African countries and support 300 women entrepreneurs per year.

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