Designing and delivering impact

    We develop and deliver innovative technology-based programmes to drive social and economic growth. Our unique approach focuses on inclusion and nurturing local talent to create sustainable impact.


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    African Tech Hubs Accelerator


    Our research has provided us with a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by tech entrepreneurs across Africa. Based on these findings we have developed a programme to increase the capacity of African hubs to build a sustainable pipeline of investment-ready startups and be effective intermediaries for global investors looking to invest in the region.



    • Multiplier effect - Investing in hubs has a multiplier effect as one hub can support hundreds of startups & entrepreneurs, thus building a more robust pipeline of investment opportunities
    • Increased market insight - Hubs hold unique insight into their local ecosystems. Our programme will enable this knowledge to be consolidated and shared with UK investors and businesses
    • Sustainability - Builds local capacity and skills which will help to develop a self-sustaining African technology ecosystem


    We provide capacity building and support to innovation hubs to enable inclusive ecosystem growth. Please get in touch if interested in partnering with us and supporting this programme.

    Founding Women


    Published by ATBN, Founding Women is a book which shares the inspiring entrepreneurship stories of 20 African women building businesses in technology

    The book’s author and editor Eunice Baguma Ball, founder of ATBN said “African women in tech are not often visible particularly as we are so under-represented in the sector. Founding Women is about highlighting role models to show young women and girls across Africa , that technology is for them and that they too can become a technology entrepreneur if they want to."


    Order your copy. All proceeds go towards providing training and mentorship to young African female entrepreneurs




    #HerFutureAfrica, is our social entrepreneurship programme that empowers young African women to participate in the digital economy and launch innovative businesses that improve the lives of women and girls.

    To date we have supported 32 young women in Ghana and connected them with mentors from 11 countries. Programme participants have gone on to raise over $35,000 in funding to launch their innovative ventures which have impacted the lives of over 300 women and girls.


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    Impact Startup Lab

    ATBN partnered with BluPoint to pilot their offline internet technology solution which provides access to digital content in areas with no internet.

    We developed the Impact Startup Lab, online hub of videos and resources to support African entrepreneurs to launch high-impact businesses.

    We piloted the technology with entrepreneurs in Ghana and plan to roll out these hubs in partnership with local organisations supporting entrepreneurs particularly where access to the internet may be challenge.


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    Gender-Lens Innovation

    We advise and support development practioners and social innovators in developing innovative solutions to address the specific needs of women and girls.
    Through an interactive sessions, participants are equipped with tools for using a ‘gender-lens’ approach to ensure that their businesses and organisations incorporate the women’s needs and concerns as part of their innovation processes, rather than as an afterthought.

    We have facilitated Gender-Lens Innovation workshops at various platforms including Planet Earth Institute and Diaspora Doing Development conferences.


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